Working Test Results 2019.
Up-dated Monday, April 15th.
Background photo - Steve Magennis.

Novice Retriever, Sunday, April 14th 

at Bradley Old Parks by kind permission of 

Mr M Samworth and family.

Judges - L to R. Carol Probert, Dawn Scott, Julia Deeming and Test Secretary, Sean Farrell.

Our first Novice Retriever Working Test of our 25th Anniversary year was held today at Bradley Old Parks near Ashbourne by kind permission of Mr M Samworth and family. This is a wonderful Estate and today we were given access to an area which we have never used before. Sean Farrell, our new Retriever Test Secretary in his first Test had set up some very thoughtful but testing scenarios which enabled our Judges to thoroughly examine the dogs. Sadly, we didn't receive any Young Handler entries so we were left with a field of 28 Novice Dogs from an original entry of 30. Sean's opening welcome highlighted his nervousness but he did a fabulous job and managed to get the day off to a good start and everyone knew exactly where they were going. Test 1, judged by Julia Deeming was a mark with shot over the corner of a lake into marsh grass. This was relatively straightforward and produced some nice work. Test 2 with Dawn Scott officiating was a little more difficult. A shot from a hidden gun in front drew the dog's attention forward but the retrieve was 30 yards to the right of the gun. Some dogs pulled to the shot area and had to be handled which gave Dawn a lot of scope with her marks. The best dogs here were those who took the line they were sent on and, with a left to right breeze, quickly found their bird. Test 3 judged by Carol Probert was a relatively short double. A saluted mark followed by another shot to an opposing blind had been set in mature woodland and some good work was seen. Julia and Carol joined forces for Test 4 which was a light woodland walk-up for two dogs in white grass with two marked retrieves each. Sean was able to utilise our army of helpers here with two throwers and a gun. Two shots for two birds with the dogs sent diagonally then swapped over and repeated proved quite interesting and good marking dogs were credited accordingly. Test 5 and arguably the most difficult of the day and judged by Dawn, was a long mark over a ditch on open pasture. Whilst the dogs returned with the mark, a blind was placed in the ditch on the same line. Handlers then had to send the dogs back for the blind. I'm sure you can imagine the type of problems the handlers encountered here but it was a perfectly plausible shoot day scenario and again, some excellent work was seen, particularly from the dogs which listened to their handlers!

Following a warming cuppa on a very cold April Sunday, the results were announced as follows.

First place, winning the BASC Trophy, a bag of Skinners and a Posh Gamebag donated by 
Chris Durkin of Cheshire Gundogs was Charlotte Brailsford (below) with 
Kentixen Sunshine Blossom of Casheath. Charlotte had been placed second 5 times 
before today with this dog so her determination and consistency finally paid off!  

Second place, winning The Tutbury Gun Rooms Shield and a bag of Skinners (Roger Skinner) was Ann Blake handling Bromleywood Romeo.  Third was awarded to Arthur Telfair with Upperaughton Blackberry. Fourth place to Helen Swan with Braitoft Ennerdale.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to Steve Burns with Eiderbay Fastnet at Jollybrow and Sandra Braithwaite handling Braitoft Astute.

The first 4 handlers each received a Dove Valley Silver Salver and all 6 award winners 
received a 25th Anniversary Rosette.

L to R. Charlotte Braislford, Ann Blake, Arthur Telfair, Helen Swan, 
Sandra Braithwaite and Steve Burns.

Our thanks must go to Mr Samworth for allowing us to use his Fabulous Estate and to our Sponsors, Skinners and Cheshire Gundogs.

Lastly, as usual, a massive thank you to "The Dove Valley Team" led by Sean. A great day.


Open Spaniel Working Test, Bagorts Park,

Sunday, April 7th.

By kind poermission of David and Carol Dale.

Generously sponsored by BASC, Countryman Fairs, GT Leads, 
Chudleys Dog Food and Acme Whistles.

Judges - Ian Bogaki and Graham Burton.

Bagots Park has been an important venue for us during the past 25 years, playing a major part in the growth of our "Little" Club! We have had some memorable days there with some great Tests and Trials and today was no exception. Our generous and extremely supportive hosts, David and Carol Dale, are always keen to make sure we have a good day and their genuine interest in the Gundog World only helps us achieve our goals. 17 Open Spaniels were well and truly tested today by our Judges, Ian Bogaki and Graham Burton. Headkeeper Dean led us to The "Moat Wood" with a reasonably heavy covering of brambles and bracken. It was clear from the off that you needed a fearless dog to feature in the awards today. Following normal procedure, we set off with Ian on the right and Graham on the left. A shot to salute a blind retrieve for the right hand dogs followed by the same for the left hand dogs got the Test underway. After hunting on a short distance, another shot on the right signalled a Marked retrieve which was thrown in to the area which the left hand dog was hunting. Again, this was repeated for the even numbered dogs until we reached the end of the first round. All dogs were called in for their second runs, regardless of performance, and the whole thing was repeated. Our Judges were careful to ensure that the dogs all had the same type of work although the cover did vary slightly as you would expect but generally, it was very fair for each dog. Following the end of the second round we waited to see if a Run-off was needed but it wasn't so we all walked back to base to await the results.


First - Debbie Mould handling her Springer Bitch, Marketgate Marble. 
Debbie was presented with The Crichflight Shield donated by Ken Baker.

Second - Teignsedge Kansas Thunder handled by Mark Hancock (ESS Bitch) 
Mark was awarded The Blackwall Trophy for The Best Hunting Spaniel.

Third - Jim Sutton with Merebrow Lucky Loki (ESS Dog) 
Jim was awarded the Pauline Dyson Trophy.

Fourth - Scafell Swift handled by Angela Atkin (ESS Bitch)

CoM - Tollieford Violet handled by Jackie Elliott (Cocker Bitch)

Following the awards, we had a Run-off for The Pat Horobin Memorial Trophy for Top Dog Overall between Winner, Debbie Mould and John Gainey who won our Novice Test at Chatsworth on March 24th. It was a close call but Debbie clinched it!

Left to right. Graham Burton, Jackie Elliott, Mark Hancock, Debbie Mould, Angela Atkin,
Jim Sutton and Ian Bogaki.

This had been a tough Test on a very good ground and thanks must go to Jane and the
"Dove Valley Team" for making sure the day was a success.

More photos on The Dove Valley Facebook Page.


Novice and Young Handler's Working Test.
Chatsworth, Sunday, March 24th.
By kind permission of The Duke of Devonshire.

Photos - John Jeffrey.

Generously sponsored by BASC, Countryman Fairs, GT Leads, 
Chudleys Dog Food and Acme Whistles.

Judges - Martin Elliott and David Ross.

Results - Young Handlers.

First - Lily Kay with Skye. 

Second - Oliver Robertson with Del.   

Third Lily Kay with Seren.  


First - John Gainey (below) with PEPPERCREST DIAMOND DAYS. 


Second - Phil Smith with  JOYFUL JESSY JO.  

Third - Dave Gallimore with RYTEX ROMULUS OF GALLIFIELD.  

Fourth - Barry Dutton with COTWALTON JUST WILFRED.  

C.O.M awarded to 13 year old Oliver Robertson with BELVEDEN AVORIAZ.
Well done Oliver for taking the only COM in such a strong field and also coming second in the young handlers class.

Full report and photos on The Dove Valley Facebook Page.