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While not strictly a DVWGC event, the Game Conservancy funday at Catton Hall involved a large number of members. The results are included here for the interest of those members who took part.

Please do not complain about the spelling errors, you should try reading some of the entry forms !

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Total Score ex 80
Killy Pennell Ben 79½    1st
Glenn Main Grace 79½    2nd
J. Turner Rockside Jake 79       3rd
David Field Jodie 77       4th
Roy Stone Murhy Thorpe 76½
Mrs A.M. Barker Castemane Just Classic 76½
Bob Clay Todd 76
David Field Ben 74
J.S. Perkin Premier Leek Moss 72½
R.J. Hannibal Ruby 72½
Graham Barrett Blaise 71
Jane Fairclough Greatpark Brook 70
Laurinda Blankenspoor Lineover Lewis 68
E. Godwin Jack 66½
Mrs B Clay Woody 63
Ian Scott Holly 58
Yvonne Scott Snoozy 50½

Novice Dog Novice Handler

Total Score ex 80
Kevin Edwards Fable 77      1st
K.J. Watson Bess 75½    2nd
Barry Swinfield Polly 74      3rd
Bill Grass Christals of Saphire 74      4th
Laraine Goodwin Evesham micro mouse 73
Nathan Atkinson Stantons Molly 73
Samantha Stretton Catcombe Conn of Clancallum 72½
Sharon Hall Jaeger Meister 72
David Tillett Cloe 70
Nick Fairclough Timsgarry Gaile 69
G. Price Premier leek branados 68
Lee Russell Gwendley Arrow 57
J.S. Perkin Kenue Jimmey 56
Dave Flavelle Onteal Sue 52
Stuart Davies Judy 50
C. Robertson Callum 45


Total Score ex 90
Vicki Gilbert Mansditch Whisper 88    1st
Sue Mitchell Bednall Holly 87    2nd
Mrs S. Eason Teasle 87    3rd
D.A. Walker Fen 86    4th
Phillip Highfield Moss 85
M.G. Stringer Clancallum Fergus Mhor 85
Killy Pennell Ben 85
Nick Fairclough Timsgarry Gailes 85
K.J. Watson Bess 84
S. Clarke Jay 84
Kerry Fowler Paige 83
Nathan Atkinson Stantons Molly 83
Mike Campbell Tarn 82
Richard Ashdown Sian 81
B. Baker Barneston Elm 80½
John Hall Dodger 77
Ray Brooks Rayvik Flete 76
Bob Clay Cole 74
D.A. Walker Bell 74
Ian Kimberley Kite-Peerless Polyxena 74
Sharon Hall Jaeger Meister 74
Janet Grindley Dela 72
A. Penny Braken 71
Mrs M. Webster Fern 65
Neil Plummer Jade 57
Stephanie Vernieux Appledown Indigo 56
Linda Shipley Meg 54


Total Score ex 90
A. Penny Kate 90    1st
Steve Richardson Westhala Alice 87    2nd
Killy Pennell Lizzie 86    3rd
Lynn Stringer Bliss 86    4th
Kerry Fowler Kuizzy 85
Ian Kimberley Harvey-Bumblyn Mr McGregor 85
Laurinda Blankenspoor Tauvechan Jade with Cleylle Hage 85
David Ward Abby 85
David Ward Gypsy 84
David Meider Ernest Markham 83
S Eadson Bramble 83
Pat Taft Trooper 83
Roy Swinfield Blondie 83
Roy Mitchell Carbutts Angus 83
L. Jennens Twig 82
H. Scott Polly 81
Roy Swinfield Hazel 80
Glen main Elliott 80
Glen Main Molly 79
Roy Mitchell Bednall Patrick 79
Sue Mitchell Llanbedr Fortnum 77½
David Field Dee 77
Bob Clay Guy 76
Bill Hill Tag 75
B. Barker Staftly Mayfly of Barweston 72
Megan White Merlin 71
Denise Smith Liffy 71
Jean Blacknell   69
D. Fowler Molly 66
John Taberer Nettle Queen 62
J. Turner Flynnibons Folly 56
Linda Shipley Pippins Lad 38
M.C.W Buckley Tarn 24

All Proceeds from this event donated to The Game Conservancy Trust
Game Conservancy Trust

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