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Results of Dove Valley v P.T.A. Annual Match
Callingwood. Rangemoor. By kind invitation of Mr A Dally.
August 20th 2000.

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Judges: Mrs G.Gent & Mr P.Garton.

After a Sunny day of friendly competition, the Inter Club Shield was once again returned to the rightful owners. The final result with the lowest score from each class not counted was:
Dove Valley Working Gundog Club 472
Pennine Training Area 467

This levels the competition to 2 wins each.

Full results were as follows:

Dog, Handler & Team
Score, Place
Castlemans Classic Fin, Sally Crossland, DVWGC 46
Maddys Evening Surprise, Mrs A.Licciardi, PTA 49
Rockside Jake, Mr J.Turner, DVWGC 56, 3rd Puppy
Millrythe Adelaide of Moscargrange, Mrs A.Crooks, PTA 56, 4th Puppy
Delfleet Pepper of Wrenthorpe, Mrs J.Jacombs, DVWGC 56, 2nd Puppy
Burton Briar of Styperson, Mr P.Smithies, PTA 54
Mansditch Benjamin, Miss K.M.Grant, DVWGC 53
Styperson Lucky Joe, Mr N.Stanley, PTA 58, Top Dog
Grangemead Lester of Monwodlea, Mr C.Warner, DVWGC 56, 1st Novice
Gortons Spring Melody, Mr D.Robertson, PTA 55, 2nd Novice
Emmanygan Beautie, Mr W.Skett, DVWGC 54, 3rd Novice
Brighthurst Gorse of Warpersmoss, Mrs P.Robertson, PTA 51, 4th Novice
Mansditch Whisper, Mrs V.Gilbert, DVWGC 51
TreckersBradley, Mr D.Miller, PTA 49
Greenvale Jig, Mrs J.Walton, DVWGC 51
Hultonwood Red Sky, Mr J.Benyon, PTA 51
Mansditch Princess, Miss K.M.Grant, DVWGC 50, 2nd Open
Garagill Cicero, Mrs A.Licciardi, PTA 30
Birdstone Thistle, Mr K.Hill, DVWGC 40
Millcotttage Bryn, Mr J.Swindlehurst, PTA 45
Barweston Appollo of Staftly, Mr P.J.Taft, DVWGC 49, 3rd Open
Muggleswick Teal of Beechbough, Mr K.Jackson, PTA 52, 1st Open
Mansditch Zara, Mr J.S. Kelleher, DVWGC 47, 4th Open
Moscargrange Amos, Mr S.Crookes, PTA 45

Photograph of the teams
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PTA and DVWGC Teams


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