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Results of Dove Valley v P.T.A. Annual Match
Catton Park, Burton on Trent.
By kind invitation of Mr & Mrs R Neilson.
August 24th 2003.

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Judges: Mrs G. Smith and Mr J.P. Taft.

The final result with the lowest score from each class not counted was:
Pennine Training Area 608
Dove Valley Working Gundog Club 671

This makes the running total for the competition 3 wins to PTA, 3 wins to DVWGC.

Results were as follows:


First Mrs A.M Crookes with Widcombe Daniel of Moscargrange (PTA)
Second Mrs Carol Goodes with Corsemalzie First Edition (DVWGC)
Third Mr J. Turner with Corsemalzie Keeper (DVWGC)
Fourth Mr L. Jackson with Kenmillto Remus (DVWGC)


First Mr R. Howarth with Grouse Chief (PTA)
Second Mr C. Higham with Ropehall Dipper (DVWGC)
Third Mr S. Crookes with Pebbletoft Lyric of Moscargrange (PTA)
Fourth Mr L. Jackson with Truester My Millie


First Killy Pennell with Greyhill Piper (DVWGC)
Second Mrs J. Blacknell with Loyton Willow (DVWGC)
Third Mrs J. Walton with Greenvale Jig (DVWGC)
Fourth Mrs A. Crookes with Millrythe Adelaide of Moscargrange (PTA)

Top Dog Overall:

Mrs A.M Crookes puppy, Widcombe Daniel of Moscargrange (PTA)

Photograph of the DVWGC Team and Judges
Click for full size picture

The Winners and Judges



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