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Results of Dove Valley v P.T.A. Annual Match
Tame Valley,Delph, Oldham.
By kind invitation of the Landowners.
August 25th 2002.

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Judges: Mrs A C Wagland & Mr P J Wagland.

The final result with the lowest score from each class not counted was:
Pennine Training Area 375.5
Dove Valley Working Gundog Club 366.5

This makes the running total for the competition 3 wins to PTA, 2 wins to DVWGC.

Full results were as follows:

Dog, Handler & Team
Score, Place
1. Pebbletoft Lyric of Moscargrange, Mr S Crookes. PTA 45.5, Joint 1st
2, Quaking Orchid of Marshflight, Mr K Morton. DVWGC. 40.5, 3rd
3. Kenmillone Cerato, Mrs A Liccardi. PTA 45.5, Joint 1st
4. Darleigh Jubilee, Cindy Keely. DVWGC 40.5, 4th
5.Grant Mohr, Mrs P Gauntlett. PTA 12
6. Knight of Longacres, Mr G Pugh. DVWGC 44, 2nd
7. PTA 0
8.Slievemish Turtle Dove, Mrs L Hill. DVWGC 32
9.Coedonn Mali-del of Warpersmoss, Mrs P Robertson. PTA 42.5, 3rd
10. Ladsmar Pearl, Mr P Medina. DVWGC 42
11.Beechbough Black Magic, Mr K Jackson. PTA 47.5, 1st
Top Individual dog
12.Whillanbeck Sue, Mrs S Hodson. DVWGC 42
13. Ochre Skies at Sunset, Mr D Rundall. PTA 42
14.Quaking Orchid of Marshflight, Mr K Morton. DVWGC. 38
15.Saxaphone Eskimo Nell, Mrs E Reed. PTA 46, 2nd
16.Livingstone of the Rectory, Mr J Kelleher. DVWGC 42.5, 4th
17.Millrythe Adelaide of Moscargrange, Mrs A.M. Crookes. PTA 46.5, 1st
18.Emmanygan Gypsy, Mr W Skett. DVWGC 35.5
19.Hultonwood Red Sky, Mr J Benyon. PTA 46, 2nd
20.Westhala Bertie, Mrs J Bowie.DVWGC 37.5
21.Beechbough Black Magic, Mr K Jackson. PTA 39
22.Camilla of Micklehome, Mr J S Kelleher DVWGC 43.5, 4th
23.Moscargrange Amos, Mr S Crookes. PTA 44, 3rd
24.Drakeshead Whisky Meganza, Mrs M Banasik. DVWGC 32



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