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Results of Dove Valley v P.T.A. Annual Match
Intake Head, Delph. By kind permission of Mr E Buckley.
August 29th 1999.

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Judges: Mrs V Stanley & Mr G Morris.

After a great day of competitive fun, the P.T.A. just scraped through as the victors by 1point!
So it's 2 to them and 1 to us.

The top dog overall was Kerry Fowlers' Puppy, Rayvick Rio. (Dove Valley)
Top Novice was Mary Banasiks' Dorntanza Felinda. (Dove Valley)
and top Open was Mr J Swindlehursts' Millcottage Bryn. (P.T.A.)

Our thanks to Steve Crookes and Phil Smithies for making our team very welcome and giving us a great day.



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