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Results of Novice Retriever Trial
The Wood Farm Shoot
By kind permission of Mr F.W.Yates & Mrs V.Yewbrey,
Monday, November 1st, 2004.

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Judges: Mrs L.Partridge, Mr A.D.Fryer, Mr J.A.Boston & Mr G.Main.

First place was awarded to Mr L. Jackson with Kenmillto Remus who received the Merriwych Memorial Trophy.

Second place was awarded to Mrs C.Clarke with Greenbriar Tiler who received the Loynton Trophy and the Roston Cup.

Third place was awarded to Mr R.Stone with Flashmount Rodd who received the Hawkslow Trophy and the Springfield Trophy for Guns Choice.

Fourth place was awarded to Mr P.Sipling with Pechasi Magig.

There were no COMs awarded


Photograph of the Host, Judges and Guns
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Photograph of the Winners
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