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Results of Puppy & Novice Any Variety Retriever Working Tests.
Sunday July 18th 1999 at Rangemoor, Burton on Trent.
By Kind invitation of Mr A Ballie & Mr A Daily

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Judges: Miss S C Jaggard, Miss D V Walls & Messrs. M Hullah & J Boston.


1st Mr D Probert's Lab, Scotchill Slipper, handled by Mrs C Goodes.
2nd Mr & Mrs W Organ's Lab, Grangemead Lane, handled by Mrs C Organ.
3rd Mr C Warners Lab, Grangemead Lester of Monwodlea.
4th Mrs S Vernieux's Lab, Appledown Indigo.
COM. Mr P M Richard's Lab, Gwenfaw Trim, handled by Mr B Gibbs.
Miss K Fowler's Lab, Mistigris Melia.
Mr I Ibertson's Lab, Rockside Holly.
Mr & Mrs R Bond's Lab, Magic Quest handled by M RBond.


1st Mrs L Bacon's Lab, Mallowdale Nicholas.
2nd Mrs J Blacknell's Lab, Loyton Blackthorn.
3rd Mr J Kelleher's Lab, Daisy of Micklehome.
4th. Mr & Mrs Bond's Lab, Superior Spice, handled by Mr R Bond.
COM Mr & Mrs D J Biggs Lab, Keranjae Flint, handled by Mr D Biggs.
Mr P Smithies Golden Retriever, Easterton Larch.
Mr J Taberer s Lab, Nettle Queen.
Mr M Campbells Lab, Costock Bracken.
Mr P Ball's Lab, Storm Dust Lady.



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