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Results of A/V Retriever Novice Cold Game
Working Test
Bagots Park by kind invitation of Mr J.Preiestly, Mr A.McDonald & Mr D.Core.
Saturday April 24th 2004.

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Judges: Mrs G.Gent, Mr K.Morton & Mr P.Garton.

1st Mr J.Kahlow with Dranwedis Datura of Sinfinmoor
2nd Mr Pat Taft with A.Pittaways Lab, Staftly Castile Princess
3rd Mrs V.Stanley with Pointraire Parker
4th MrsC.Munn with Laytoncroft Rhapsody
COM Mr L.Jackson with Kenmillto Remus
Mrs J.Grindy with Pixalot Prestissimo
Mr P.E.Bishop with Sparkling Jem

Winners and Judges
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