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   Field Trial Results 2013/14.
Background photo - Steve Magennis.

All-Aged Retriever. January 22nd 2014. The Rothley Shoot.
By kind permission of Mr A Cooper.

Judges - Charlotte Smith, Vickie Pritchard, Lynn Mitchell and
Dave Probert.

This, our 91st Field Trial Meeting, was the last of the current season and we
were all hoping for a good day after a poor trial, dog wise, on this ground last season. It was decided by our Judges to use the "Odds and Evens" system
due to the likelihood of awkward terrain being encountered as we moved
around the shoot. As there were plenty of drives planned, we only took the
first 4 dogs into line for the first drive where a few wild duck were expected.

With Dave and Vickie on the right and Lynn and Charlotte on the left we
started what proved to be a very good trial with plenty of good dog work
being seen. Everything needed for a successful trial was in place with a good
team of patient beaters, accurate shooting, efficient stewarding and,
above all, good dogs. It could be argued that some of the retrieves were
not over difficult but although this was a Trial, it was still a shoot day
and sensible Judging allowed the dogs to use their natural abilities
without creating unreasonable situations which, in many cases, increase
the risk of unnecessary failure.


Winner, Kevin Turner handling Jobeshill Guns of Navarone is presented
with his trophies by Tony Cooper.
Kevin was awarded the Gossmount Trophy, donated by Kev and Jan Marriott,
The Hawkslow Cup, donated by Sally Antram for the Best Yellow Labrador
and The Thorpe Cloud Clary Trophy for the Gun's Choice, donated by Graham and Diane Barrett.

Second - Sharon Kitson handling Dykemarsh Englander.

Third - Vanessa King with Zambuck Linnet.

Fourth - Judy Bowie's Westhala Innocent Iain handled by John Bowie.

Sandra Halstead with Greenbriar Thunder at Drakeshead was awarded a Cetificate of Merit.

A good Trial to finish our season and thanks to
everyone involved for making the day a success.

Novice A/V Spaniel. November 25th 2013. The Maer Shoot.
By kind permission of The Maer Shoot and Mr P Huggins.

To hear what happened at this Trial, you could read the report
below for the Novice Cocker as this was pretty much the same, the main
difference being that the overall standard of the dogs was not as high.
 Different, but equally good guns,
same ground and a steady supply of game.
Steward of the Beat, Peter Huggins, looked after us once again and
quietly kept control of the line ensuring that our Judges, Will on the right
and James on the left were always able to test the dogs in a fair and
consistent manner. This was one of those Trials where dogs put themselves
out and we did work through the card quite quickly.
Having said that, we still enjoyed a good  - albeit short - day's sport, in a
friendly and sportsman like atmosphere, and from what I could hear,
everyone seemed to enjoy their day.
Once again, our thanks go to everyone involved for helping
to make the day a success.

Judges - Will Clulee and James Starkey.

Guns - Tony Thompson, Adam Cork, James Bullock and Mike Berrisford.

Award Winners - left to right:
3rd - Martyn Stevens with Cheweky Twister.
 Winner - Steve Kelsall with Westonway Wren. Steve was presented with The Wanfield Trophy donated
by our President,
The Earl of Shrewsbury and The Moss Trophy donated by
Rachel Briggs for The Best Hunting Spaniel.

2nd - Neale Satchwell with Follyview Apollo. Neale also won The Mossy Brooke Trophy,
donated by Richard and Pat Wild
for The Gun's Choice.

4th - Rob Lewis with Sparnhill Amethest.    
Words and photos - Guy.

Novice Cocker Spaniel. November 18th. The Maer Shoot.
By kind permission of The Maer Shoot and Mr P Huggins.

Judges - Ray Casey and Mike Berrisford.

The Maer Shoot in Staffordshire has become one of our most consistent
and popular grounds in trialling terms and has, for the past six years,
enabled us to hold some extremely good trials. This one was no exception.
After a warm welcome from Liz Bedford and with the guidance of our very
keen and interested Steward of The Beat, Peter Huggins, we walked a short distance to a wonderful piece of ground for a trial. A wide strip of marsh
grass, bracken, game cover, shrubbery and woodland enabled our Judges,
Ray Casey on the right and Mike Berrisford on the left, to thoroughly
test the dogs in a genuine rough shooting environment. Pheasant came
steadily right from the off and were despatched in a very sporting manner
by our extremely competent guns. We worked our way to the end of the
strip and almost came to the end of the first round when Peter turned
us round to go back up the other side. A few casualties were encountered
during the first round but the overall standard of the dogs was quite good.
As we neared the end of the second round I saw a hen pheasant "going back" cleanly missed, and we all agreed that this was only the second missed bird
of the day! After a short discussion, Ray and Mike declared the trial over
and we all headed back to the Shoot Cabin to await the presentation.

Guns - Andy Foxley, George Haslam, Tim Butler and Mark Foxley.

Award Winners - left to right.
4th place, Darren Skidmore with Derrycullen Moonlight of Merriroyles.

2nd place, P Thompson and S Neary's Cralorrmor Rheanna of Merriroyles handled by Rob Aldenton.
3rd place, Janet Righton handling Luxurious Luna.
Headkeeper and Steward of The Beat, Peter Huggins.
Gun's Choice, J M Davies handling Dolbrenin Geisha Girl.
Winner, Geoff Devine-Jones with Timsgarry Bunting.
Geoff was presented with The Premium Pets Trophy for The Best Hunting Spaniel donated to the Club
by Rob and Maureen Pope and The Ormewood Trophy donated by Paul Rawlings.

This had been an excellent trail on a superb ground and our thanks go
to all concerned who helped make the day a success.
Words and photos - Guy.

Open Cocker Spaniel. November 5th. Checkley.
Photos - Liz Bedford and Carol Dale.
Judges. Mr J Bailey and Mr A Bennett.

1st    Ben Randall (below) with Ft. Ch. Heolybwlch Fatty.
Ben was presented with The Dove Valley Trophy donated by former Chairman, Tony Horobin.

2nd  Andy Kirk with Pinsark Roberta.
Andy was presented with The Tissueman Trophy donated by Rob and Karen Smith.

3rd  Ron James with Rowston Spikey.
Ron was also awarded The Gun's Choice Trophy donated by Neil and Melissa Stubbs.

4th Graham West with Ft. Ch. Wetlands Spice of Leeglen.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to -

Danny Hubbard with Surefly Midge and
Ft. Ch. Mallowdale Maggy
Will Clulee (pictured below) with Poolgreen Abi and Rowston Socks.
Will was also presented with the Tasco Trophy for The Best Retrieve in memory of
Mary Rountree, donated by The Wauchope Family and The Longner Estate. 

L - R. Roy Ellershaw, Andy Bennett, Jonathon Bailey and David Pope.

L - R. Will Clulee, Ron James, Graham West, Ben Randall, Danny Hubbard and Andy Kirk.  

We are extremely grateful for the support of our Guns 
and our thanks go to all the helpers and stewards.

Good luck to Ben at the Championship.

Novice Retriever.
The Stretton Shoot, Donisthorpe. November 1st.

By Kind permission of Alan and Paul Bown.

Listening to the weather forecast as I drove to Donisthorpe did not fill me with enthusiasm,
but it wasn't raining and it was "Bright o'er Bill's Mothers" so - fingers crossed!!
Chief Steward, Garry Watson, welcomed everyone and, with only two changes from the
original draw, we drove a short distance to the first, and as it turned out, the last drive!
Headkeeper Paul led us in a big arc to stand with our backs to a wide strip of white grass
bordering woodland. A long maize strip with game cover either side was in front over a
shallow valley. With eight guns ready and Judges Phil and John on the right and Derek and David
on the left, Paul started the drive and the action started quickly with a good show of Partridge.
These birds were moving but our guns were, it has to be said, superb.
With 12 to 15 birds down, Paul stopped the drive and the Judges began their task.
A couple of birds on the left had fallen on drill but the rest lay in the white grass and on the
woodland edge providing some testing retrieves without the need for moving the dogs to create
situations. As happens sometimes with Partridge, picking did prove tricky in some cases and,
despite plenty of time allowed for dogs "doing the job" a few losses were suffered.
The drive was re-started and the same thing happened. More good birds, more good shooting.
Another pause in the drive and the Judges continued their task of finding the "Best Game Finding Dog"!
Yet again, and with the guns still on the same pegs, Paul re-started the drive.
By 11.30 we were down to two dogs and at 11.45 Garry declared the Trial over!
In a very short time we had witnessed some fine shooting, varying degrees of dog work and
lots of friendly banter, all in the same place. You could never have planned to run a Trial the
way this one had unfolded but it had worked really well and, as we walked back to the vehicles,
the weatherman was exonerated! A cracking Trial and our thanks go to everyone involved.

Judges - John Yarwood, Derek Capel Phil Smithies and David Wheatcroft.

Certificate of Merit, Clare Baker with Windoogpack Coral
and Winner, Dave Latham with Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood.

Guns - L to R: Chris Loseby, Mark Simcox, Pete Bancroft, Steve Redfern, Mick Lunn,
Rose Dych, Andrew Macdonald and Graham Dyche.

Paul presents Dave with The Staftly Trophy in memory of Pat Taft and the
Springfield Trophy for The Gun's Choice and below,
Clare receives the Spirit of Blythe Trophy for the Runner-up, donated by John Cartwright
and The Roston Cup, donated by Greg and Carol Shaw for the Best Lady Handler.

Words and photos - Guy.

Open English Springer Spaniel.
The Stretton Shoot, Donisthorpe. October 24th.

By Kind permission of Alan and Paul Bown.

Judges Messrs R Ellershaw and T Frost.

1st  Ft. Ch. Flaxdale Hallie, owned and handled by Aled Jones - also awarded Best Hunting Spaniel.
2nd Cheweky Snickers, owned and handled by Mark Whitehouse - also awarded Guns' Choice.
3rd Sankey Valley Pepper, owned and handled by Martin Hook.
4th Saras Duchess, owned and handled by Mr N Thorpe.
Certificates of Merit were awarded to -
Ffynonlas Missy, owned and handled by Mr I Morgan and
Samsir Babbler, owned and handled by Mr S Forster.

Judges and Prize Winners.
L to R: Martin Hook, Terry Frost, N Thorpe, Aled Jones, Roy Ellershaw and Mark Whitehouse.

We are extremely grateful to our Guns,
above, Martyn Stevens,
Mike Berrisford,
 James Bullock and Adam Cork
for their support.

Open Retriever. Radbourne, October 22nd.
By kind permission of Phil Chaffey.

Winner - Philippa Williams (right) with Ft. Ch. Tweedshot Thistle of Levenghyl. 
Heather Chaffey presents Philippa with the Flaxfire Trophy donated by Colin Walker and the Delfleet
Pepper Trophy donated by Jane Jacombs for the Best Yellow Labrador.

This "B" Qualification, her third of the season, takes Philippa to the Championship.

Photo - Guy.

Heather presents John Yarwood handling Gosberry Govenor (now a FT Champion) with the
Derrity Trophy, donated by Charlotte Smith for the Runner-Up.

Photo - Guy.

Craig Perry with Cynhinfa John was awarded
 The Marshflght Trophy
for Gun's Choice, donated by Kerrie Morton.
Photo - Guy.

 Judges - Alan Rees, Bill Rostron, Gilly Nickols and John Keegan.
Photo - Becky Wilkinson.

Guns - L to R. Phil Oconnor, Graham Burton, Mick Barrett-Nicholson,
Ian Hookham, Pete Bancroft and Dave Waring.

Photo - Becky Wilkinson.

And One of The Winning Dogs!!
Photo - Guy.

Novice Retriever. Catton Park. October 2nd.

By kind permission of Mr and Mrs R Neilson.
Judges: John Mee, John Day, Shelia Suzuki and Terry Dukes. 
Award winners. L to R.
3rd and Best Yellow Lab - Guy Radford with Pixalot Molto.

 CoM - Vivien Byron's Copperwheat Harris handled by Ken Byron.
Winner - Tony Griffiths with Callowhill Blackthorn.
Gun's Choice - Shutifield Sinbad handled by Morton Redpath.

                                                                     The Guns for this Trial were -                                                                                                              Rose Dyche, Vernon Lathwell, Phil O'Connor, David Clayton,                                                David Waring, Pete Bancroft, Mick Barrett-Nicholson and Mike Brown.

The support of our Guns is very much appreiated and I apologise for not having their photo.  

Photos - John Mead.

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