Field Trial Results 2014.
Background photo - Osmaston Park Lake by Becky Wilkinson.

The 99th Field Trial Meeting.

Open Cocker Stake. The Hales Estate. 
Tuesday, December 9th.
Judges - Keith Carter and Alex Badger.

This was our first visit to the wonderful Hales Estate and we are extremely grateful and honoured to be allowed to use their fabulous ground.

First - Darren Skidmore handling Priorsmeadow Berillo 
Winning The Tissueman Trophy. Darren was also awarded 
The Tasco Trophy for The Best Retrieve of The Day.

Darren with Claire Haywood (left) and Alex Sangar.

Second - Ian English with Broadmeafarm Beau.
Third - Ian Openshaw with Mallowdale Xfactor
Fourth - Alex Sangar with Beggarbush Gill.
Certificates of Merit to -
James Starkey's Ionicland Thunderstorm handled by Claire Haywood.
M Farish with Baileys Pure Gold.
R James with Rowston Spikey Aderyngi.
Dai Ormond with Rowston Stor.
Darren Skidmore's Lynkee Timebomb (Also guns choice)

Thanks to everyone who helped make the day a success, especially
our tireless FT Secretaries, Liz Bedford and Melissa Stubbs.

The 98th Field Trial Meeting.
Novice Retriever. The Radbourne Eatate.
Monday, December 8th.

Phil Wagland, Lee Hartis, Di Stevens and Steve McDermott.

First. Dawn Scott (above) handling Diglake Jasmin.
Second. Kevin Butler with Gablegorst Shuffler of Turpingreen.
Third. Tim Hartley handling Dunmar Tulla.
Fourth. Dave Latham with Fendawood Ale.
CoM. Linda Partridge with Braidenvale Ribble.

All Labradors except Tim Hartley's Golden.
A good trial with a good standard of dog. 
Massive thanks to the Dove Valley Team

The 97th Field Trial Meeting.

2 Day Open Retriever Stake.
Held at Nevill Holt by kind permission of Mr D Ross.
Generously Sponsored by Gary McCarthy of GUNDOG GEAR.

L to R -
Second - Kestrelway Freddie - Norman Onens.
First - Ft.Ch. Flypatch Alfa -Tim Brain.  
Third - Wingdookpak Coral - Clare Baker.
Fourth - Ft.Ch. Adoraden Izzy at Greenbriar - Carole Clarke.
CoM and Guns Choice - Rudby Rusty - Peter Orwin.
Fabulous 2 Days Trialling and massive thanks to all Stewards, Helpers, Guns etc.

The 96th Field Trial Meeting.
Novice A/V Spaniel. November 24th 2014.
The Maer Shoot.
By kind permission of Mr P Huggins.

Judges - Ray Casey and Steve Kelsall.

First Place Not Awarded.

owned and handled by Andy Bennett.
owned and handled by Mark Watson.
owned and handled by Graham Burton.

The 95th Field Trial Meeting.
Novice Cocker Spaniel. November 10th 2014.
The Maer Shoot.
By kind permission of Mr P Huggins.

Judges - S Bolton and R Biggs.

1st  LOWFLYER NOUGAT of CHEWEKY owned and handled by 
Rod Chapple who was also awarded the trophies 
for Best Hunting Spaniel and Gun’s Choice
2nd TIMSGARRY CUCKOO owned and handled by Craig Horwill
3rd  SANAIGMORE VICTORIA owned and handled by Will Clulee. 
4th RIBBLESHEAD GERTRUDE owned and handled by David Anderson.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to : 
CLARBURGH BEN owned and handled by Simon Ryder.
TOFFEE LOVER owned and handled by Joe Thornton.

TIMSGARRY WOODCOCK owned by Simon Tyers and handled by Tom Skelly.

LITTLE WREN owned and handled by Jon Westran.

The 94th Field Trial Meeting.
Novice Retriever Stake. November 4th 2014.
The Stretton Shoot, Donisthorpe.
By kind permission of Mr A Bown.

Winner - Ken Byron with Ardexis Tom of Copperwheat.
Best Lady Handler - Lisa Harris with Movenne Bonnie For Hawksthorn.
Full Results and Photos Soon.

The 93rd Field Trial Meeting.
Open English Springer Spaniel Stake.
The Stretton Shoot, South Derbyshire.
October 23rd .
By kind permission of Mr A Bown.
Judges - Mr M Whitehouse and Mr G Smith.

1st. Aled Jones with his dog BARCUDWEN BOUNTY. 
Also awarded Best Hunting Spaniel and Gun's Choice. 
This is the second year running that Aled has won our 
Open ESS Trial 
and we wish him luck at the Championships.

2nd - Geoff Devine-Jones with his dog SYNCERUS SINBAD.

3rd - Barry Faley with his dog GOODSPEED WARRIOR.

4th - Mark Watson with his bitch GABERLUNZIE TINA of WRENMARSH.
Certificates of Merit were awarded to- 

HELMSWAY HEDDA AT HIGHCREST owned and handled by Mr. R. Proctor.

COLCOURT SPARKY OF BOUNDARYMOOR owned and handled by Mr. N. Powell.

TYGORE KICK OF JARAKSTAR owned and handled by Mr. J. Starkey.

PALMARRION DEFENDER owned by Marion Emery and handled by Mr. G. Meehan.

RHEASTMOOR PEPPA owned and handled by Mr. K. Hiley.

L to R. 
Mark Watson, K Hiley, Geoff Devine- Jones, Mark Whitehouse, 
Aled Jones, Garry Smith, Roy Proctor and Barry Faley.

We would like to thank our Guns for taking the day for us.

The 92nd Field Trial Meeting.
All-Aged Retriever Stake. October 13th 2014.
The Osmaston Estate.
By kind Invitation of Mr R Nash.

Judges -
Robin Watson, Graham Bird, Josefine Vander-Dussen and Kevin Carty.

Guns - L to R. Mike Thompstone, Rose Dyche, Mick Barrett- Nicholson, Chris Cadman,
Phil O'Connor, Roger Thomas, Pete Bancroft and Vernon Lathwell.

Our First Trial of the new season had been carefully planned in
advance by our Chairman, Mike Thompstone, and our Host, Roddy Nash
in an attempt to provide our Members with an interesting and varied
Trial and also a good day's sport for oun Guns.
Chief Steward, John Mee, rang the bell at 9am and welcomed everyone
with his usual brand of light-hearted humour to this Beautiful Old English Country Estate before we all boarded shoot transport for the first drive.
Roddy placed the Guns on a steep bank below a wood and was quickly
followed by Robin and Josefine on the right and Graham and Kevin
on the left. With all dogs in line, we waited for the first birds.
The Guns had been placed further forward than normal on this drive
so that birds fell in the woodland edge and white grass 
handlers to see their dogs. With around 15 birds down,
John Mee stopped the drive and a very keen and helpful Head Keeper,
Clive Heaven, held the line
whilst our Judges set about their task.
With all birds picked, John re-started the drive and another 10 or so birds
were shot before we all set off for the The Rock Gardens Drive.
The view out over the Lake and Parkland here is stunning and I think
it was at this point that everyone realised just how privileged we were
to be here. The forecast rain didn't arrive, save for a light drizzle, but
the wind did and the birds were high and fast making very testing
shooting. Again, with a dozen or so birds down, John stopped the drive and
dogs were tried on a couple of runners in the punishing Rhododendrons
on the edge of the Lake whilst long retrieves over the undulating Parkland
gave the Gallery a good view of some very good dog work. After a drive
re-start and a few more birds it was time for an "Ann Blake Banquet!"
With 9 dogs left, we set off for our Walk-up in some marshy ground on the
edge of the Estate. Proper trialling country this with birds falling in the
thick white grass and with lots of Blackthorn and Willow Trees around,
Lady Luck and a good Game Finding Dog were going to be needed!
Our Judges worked their way through the dogs until only 2
remained although it has to be said that those we lost all made a
good job in punishing conditions.
With the last 2 dogs on 7 retrieves, John Mee declared the Trial over.


Winner and Gun's Choice - Richard Edwards (left) handling
Lord Rye of Knowle for Lovehayne
is presented with his trophies by Roddy Nash.
Richard was awarded the Gossmount Trophy, donated by Kev and Jan Marriott,
The Hawkslow Cup, donated by Sally Antram for the Best Yellow Labrador
and The Coomberry Trophy for the Gun's Choice, donated by Steve and Angie Lomas.

Second - John Iacono handling Serrara Adalhi Cahira.

Thanks again to Roddy and Clive for inviting us to Osmaston
and for being so helpful and interested and, as usual, a Big Thank You
to all our Helpers and Stewards.

More photos soon. Promise!!

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