Field Trial Results 2016.
Background photo - Catton Park Novice Retriever Trial 2016.

The 116th Field Trial Meeting. 
January 16th.

Sponsored by Salters Pet Nutrition and BASC.
Novice A/V Spaniel.

The Maer Shoot, Staffordshire

Steward of the Beat - Theo Creed.

Words and Photos - Barry Dutton.

Judges - Keith Carter and Chris Lewis.


Our Guns (above) were Gary Ellis, Lee Gardiner, Dave Perry 
and Steve Crookes to whom we are extremely grateful for their 
continued financial support.

 Once again we thank our sponsors for their continued support this year.
Salters Pet Nutrition and The British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

 So following the morning's briefing and introductions we set off across the fields 
met by very fine rain which lasted right throughout the days trial. Although the
ground was wet and heavy, it still contained sufficient birds to enable dogs to get
flushes and retrieves. The trial went at a nice steady pace and the competitors 
worked extremely hard in heavy ground. From my position as game carrier right 
behind Judge Keith Carter, I was able to hear Keith praising good work, encouraging
the handlers and giving encouraging advice when the need arose. 
That’s what I call good judging and I’m sure the handlers were thankful for Keith’s wisdom. So after a long trawl of approx. 4.2 miles around the shoot and all dogs 
remaining having their second runs, the judges, following a long debate, called 
 David Holmes and Kev Powell for a run off. After this short run off those immortal words were announced TRIAL OVER and a short walk up hill to the club house. 
 Results were as follows:- First place went to David Holmes with his 3yrs old ESS Dog HELMSWAY HARKILA taking the Wanfield Trophy presented by our President,
The Rt Hon. The Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot DL. This combination also received the Mossey Brooke Trophy presented by Pat and Richard Wild for Guns Choice, The Moss Trophy presented by Rachel Briggs for Best Hunting Spaniel and finally won the award for Best Retrieve. A fantastic Grand Slam by David.

 Second place went to Kev Powell with his ESS Dog COWARNE COURT KAI.

 Third place went to Jonathon South with his ESS Bitch KNOCH TULCAN

 Fourth place went to Stuart Lundy with his ESS bitch WILLOW FLASH

 All placed dogs received a bag of Dog food donated by our sponsors Salters Pet Nutrition.

 Cerificate of Merit to Tony Mason handling Steve Bolton’s EDGEGROVE RAFE.

 In closing the proceedings, FT Secretary Donna Kilford thanked everyone for 
attending and competing in todays trial and also thanked everyone who has assisted her
in this her first season as a Field Trial Secretary. 
Finally, well done to Team Dove Valley for an excellent season.

The 115th Field Trial Meeting. December 14th.
Sponsored by Salters Pet Nutrition and BASC.
Open Cocker Spaniel.

The Hales Estate, by kind permission of Mr A Hall and Family.

Steward of the Beat - Steve "Rosie" Baker.
Photos - Barry Dutton.

Judges -  Lee Cooper and Steve Russell

Field Trial Secretary, Donna Kilford welcomed everyone and thanked 
Mr Hall and Headkeeper Rosie, for allowing us to use this fabulous Estate.  

The Trial started in Woodland a short walk from our HQ with
Steve Russell on the right and Lee Cooper on the left. 
Game came straight from the off and with a high standard of dog
work throughout the Trial, some very nice work was seen. 
Rosie's wife Jo and two very keen stops worked hard to keep 
birds in the wood and the Trial progressed smoothly with 
some very capable shooting from our Guns. 
Lee on the left had more birds than the right and finished his second 
round with Steve still having five dogs to see.
Once Steve had finished, both Judges had a short discussion and 
called two dogs in for a run-off before the Trial was declared over. 

 First - Natalie Cannon with Ft.Ch. Countryways Alice of Craiwarn.
Natalie received the Open Cocker Trophy donated by former 
Dove Valley Chairman, Tony Horobin, and the Tasco Trophy 
in memory of Mary Rountree donated by the Longer Estate and 
The Wauchope Family for The Best Hunting Spaniel.
 Natalie also received a Game Bag donated by 
BASC, courtesey of Matt Dutton and Lewis Thornley. 

Natalie (above) was very emotional during her speech and told us that she has 
decided to retire her "Best Friend" following the Cocker Championship.

 Second - Will Clulee with Kevin Powell's Jackshea Liz of Poolgreen. 
Will was awarded The The Tissueman Trophy donated by Rob and
Karen Smith and The Woodmagic Trophy presented by Neil and 
Melissa Stubbs for Guns Choice.

 Third - Wendy Openshaw with Ian Openshaw's Mallowdale Euro.

 Fourth - Andy Shotton with Ft.Ch. Rowston Snooty.

The handlers above were all presented with a Hip Flask and Dog Lead donated by BASC, courtesey of Matt Dutton and Lewis Thornley
and a bag of Dog Food from Salters Pet Nutrition. 
Certificates of Merit were awarded to - 
Mathew Brown with Gala Girl, Jamie Smith with Abiann Flawless,
 Alex Hayes with Timsgarry Jynx, Ann Kedward with Tautavel Kirsty at Sanalgmore and Jason Croft with Ft.Ch. Wrenmarsh Sweet Lady.

 In summing up, Judge Steve Russell praised the handlers for a very high 
class Trial stating that the standard was exceptional and everyone should 
feel proud of their dogs. He also heaped praise on Keeper,
Rosie Baker for the excellent way he orchestrated the Trial and how
the ground was prepared and presented. He added that it is getting 
harder these days to secure suitable venues for trials which is needed to encourage new blood into what he believes is a wonderful sport. 
With the help of people like Rosie, we are well on track in achieving this.


Guns - Graham Burton, Jonathan South, Keeper - Rosie Baker, 
Dave Walchester and Guy Radford.

The 114th Field Trial Meeting.  

December 13th.
All-Aged Retriever Stake, The Stretton Shoot, Donisthorpe, 
by kind permission of Mr A Bown.
Words and Photos - Barry Dutton.  

Judges - Maurice Fitch, Mike Larkin, Richard Edwards and Steve Cullis.

The days proceedings were in the safe hands of Steward of the Beat 
Paul Bown, who tirelessly worked throughout the day with the judges 
and guns to ensure a smooth and efficient trial.
Once again the club are indebted to the B.A.S.C. who generously 
sponsored todays prizes.  

Although the weather was very murky and damp, it did not prevent this trial going ahead in what was a very competitive day but run in the true spirit of trialling and in a very festive mood.

 The first drive saw birds dropping in rape and we saw some good shooting.   Unfortunately, the combination of Rape and Partridge saw the demise 
of six dogs and handlers. The next drive was first of all walked up and then reverting into a driven one over cover crop and hedges.
 After a couple of stops and starts, we collected all of the birds and broke
for lunch losing only one more competitor.

 After a quick bite we went to the third and final drive which was over
open land with white grass and a river - a fabulous bit of Trialling Country.

 After approximately 12 birds were shot, the judges set to sending the 
dogs for the various retrieves. Following a short discussion the 
Trial was declared over.


  First - winning the Gossmount Trophy presented by Kev and Jan Marriott 
was Mike Jones with Cynhinfa Jarmen of Wauniago. Mike was also presented with a Gerber Multi Tool and Dog lead from BASC.

 Second - Tim Brain with his Chocolate Lab Killyrudden Fitzroy of Flypatch.

Third - Di Stevens with Lowforge Jaya of Wylanbriar.

 Fourth - Norman Onens with Sandra Onen's Kestrelway Harry.

Second, Third and Fourth prize winners also received a Hip Flask 
and dog lead donated by B.A.S.C.

 Certificate of Merit and Gun's Choice was awarded  to Claire Raymond with Ann Colley's Nobsquinton Cornflower. Claire took the Thorpe Cloud Clary trophy presented by Graham and Diane Barrett and also a Gerber Multi Tool and Dog lead donated by BASC.

Di Stevens, Norman Onens, Mike Jones, Tim Brain and Clare Raymond.

In summing up, Judge Steve Cullis was full of praise for both the Ground and the help given by the Steward of the Beat. He also commended the handlers on their performances stating that the winner had an outstanding trial and the other prize winners were very close to each other. A pleasure to be stewarding at such a great trial and once again thanks to Team Dove Valley for putting on a great trial.

Guns - Mick Lunn, Steve Mear, Pete Bancroft, Guy Radford,
Tom Wilshaw, Brian Wilshaw and Chris Cadman.

The 113th Field Trial Meeting.  
November 14th.

Novice Retriever Stake held at The Dunstall Estate 
by kind Invitation of Mr Simon Clarke.
Photos - Barry Dutton.  Words - Guy.

Judges - Phil Wagland, Sarah Jaggard, Polly Gibb and Glenys Caldwell.

To be invited to hold a Field Trial on a ground like Dunstall is something
any Gundog Club would welcome, but to have a very keen and interested
Host spend the day with you and shoot is always going to be an added bonus.

Simon's team of Guns (above) L to R.
  George Astley, a keen supporter of Dove Valley for many years allowing us to
use his ground for Training Classes and Working Tests, Andrew "Spike" Harrison, Richard Barnes,
Simon Clarke, James Williams and The Hon. David Legh from Cubley who also hosts
Field Trials on his Estate.

Under the leadership of Gamekeeper, Bill Constantine (above) we walked
a short distance from HQ to the first drive.
Our Judges had decided to split the dogs "Odds and Evens" so,
with Glenys and Sarah on the left and Phil and Polly on the right,
and Guns on their pegs, Bill started to bring in a game crop pushing
birds over the Guns. The line was stood a short distance from
a mature woodland and most of the birds dropped into the wood
but some fell short on stubble. These birds were picked first and
were relatively straightforward but when handlers were asked to
pick birds from the wood, the problems started!
Some dogs just wouldn't leave the open and go into the wood.
The drive had been stopped with about 20 birds down and by the time they
had been picked we had lost 8 dogs! It is always disappointing to
lose dogs early on, but it has to be said that some dogs just weren't
ready for Trials. At this point, we had the option of re-starting
the drive or moving to a new drive so we opted for the latter.
After a short drive to another part of this wonderful Estate,
(and a quick slug of Damson Gin) Simon put his Guns out down a
valley facing a wood with a game crop at the right hand end.
Flushed birds lifted early and curled back down the valley towards
the wood giving our very capable Guns some truly sporting targets.
With about 20 birds down in the wood and on grassland,
we stopped the drive and the Judges were able to complete the
third round without too many problems.
With five dogs left and a minimum of two birds needed, Bill
pushed out the last few yards of the game crop which produced
four birds, three of which were shot. After quickly picking
the two birds required, the Trial was declared over.

Our presentation took place outside Simon's Shoot Room and it was
especially pleasing to have so many competitors still with us.


Our Host Simon Clarke presents Dave Ross with The Merriwych Trophy 
in memory of Denis Stevens and The Hawkslow Cup donated by
Sally Antram for The Best Yellow Labrador.
Dave was handling Marvelous Mossey.

Danielle Turton handling Fulltime Focus of Ashwynd was awarded Second Place and 
The Spirit of Blythe Trophy donated by John Cartwright. Danielle was also awarded the 
Springfield Trophy for The Gun's Choice donated by Steve and Angie Lomas and
Bottle of Damson Gin
kindly given by Simon and The Roston Cup 
for Best Lady Handler donated by Greg and Carol Shaw. 

Third Place was awarded to David Middleton handling 
Humbershot Pixie.

Jennie Dimmock with Millerise Leo at Lyanmoreshot 
was awarded Fourth Place.

Paul Dukes handling Brocklebank Zinc was awarded a Certificate of Merit.

This Trial was not easy by any means and I think our Judges had to work 
hard to achieve the best possible result. There had been a very 
friendly atmosphere all day and despite the fact that we 
had some early casualties, we had a good day's Sport. 

As always, huge thanks to The Dove Valley Team but, above all, 
thanks to Simon for inviting us to hold a Trial on his fabulous Estate.

The 112th Field Trial Meeting. Monday, November 7th.
Sponsored by Salters Pet Nutrition and BASC.

16 Novice Cocker Spaniel Trial 
held at
The Maer Shoot, Stone, Staffs 
by kind permission of The Maer Shoot and Mr John Edge.

Steward of the Beat, Mr Theo Creed.
Words and Photos - Barry Dutton.

Todays Judges were Mr Roy Ellershaw and Mr Ian Bogacki 
to whom we send a big thank you. 

Our guns for todays trial were Pete Bancroft, 
Andy Eyley, Steve Crookes and Nick Hales to whom the club are 
indebted for their financial support to the Club. 

Once again our sponsors were
Salters Pet Nutrition to whom we are deeply grateful. 
For a change, we were back to proper November weather with the
thermometer showing 2 degrees instead of the 13 degrees we have been having. A slight overnight frost had now melted so the sun was shining and the cover was damp. With Roy on the right and Ian on the left the trial began.
Most of the trial was either side along hedgrows with a mixture of nettles, brambles and other cover. After 3 hours trialling and all dogs still standing having their two runs the Judges had a very long and liveley discussion finally giving the Trial Over fanfare and the walk back to the club house.
In summing up Roy Ellershaw stated that he was always disappointed when they could not place a dog into first position. He described the trial as a game of two halves with dogs having a good run on the left and a less meritable run on the right and then vice versa. So with no first place the Second place award went to Alan Bayliss with his 2 years old bitch NUTMEG FROST. For this Alan took the Bedford Trophy presented by former FT Secretary Liz Bedford. The combination also took the Premium Pets Trophy presented by R and M Pope for the Best Hunting Spaniel. Alan also won a bag of Dog Food presented by Salters Pet Nutrition. Third place was Yorkshire farrier Martin Elliott with his dog KILTONBECK IRON also receiving a bag of Salters Dog Food. Fourth place went to Darren Skidmore handling P.Jones MAESYDDERWEN SIMPLICITY. This partnership also gathered the Dove Valley Plate for Guns Choice and a bag of Salters Dog Food. Certificate of Merit went to Robert Aldenton handling Mrs LP Thompson and Miss SC Neary's CRALORRMOR 

Once again a big thank you to F.T.S. Donna Kilford and 
Team Dove Valley for another cracking trial.

The 111th Field Trial Meeting.
Open Qualifying Stake for 24 A/V Retrievers.
The Osmaston Estate. October 27th and 28th.

By kind invitation of Mr Roddy Nash.
Steward of the Beat - Mr Clive Heaven.

Generously Sponsored by BASC.
Photos by Barry Dutton unless stated otherwise.

Judges - Jayne Coley, Richard Beckerleg, Dave Brown and
Shelia Suzuki.

This Trial was scheduled as Walked-up and Driven and, after a quick review 
of our plan with Clive, Roddy and our Judges, we all loaded up in to 
Shoot transport for the very sceinic trip to the first drive.

With all dogs in line and Jayne and Shelia on the right and Richard and
Dave on the left, Clive gave to command to his team of very patient, hand 
picked beaters to start the drive. We weren't messing about in a wood on the edge of the shoot. This was a main drive and, having not been shot yet this season - full of Game! Birds started coming pretty quickly and we soon had enough down for me to ask Clive to hold the line whilst we picked. 
As you all know, it takes time to pick and, after about 20 birds and 45 minutes, Clive re-started the drive and, just like turning a tap on, the birds came again!

We were almost through the First Round after this so we decided to start walking-up. We lined out in front of a wood and new plantation and, 
with quite a long line and one Gun pushed well forward with one of our 
Game Markers, we moved off. Birds presented themselves more or less 
from the off and we saw some very intersting and often challenging retrieves.

By the time we reached the end of the wood we were almost into the third 
round. Our forward Gun had had some sport and dropped 6 birds into some 
white grass. After a brief discussion we decided to call an end to day 1
with 15 Dogs being taken through to day 2!

Lining out on the second morning in front of a wide Game Strip with 
three Guns in line and three out on the left flank, we started what proved to 
be an interesting morning. Some birds flushed straight ahead and some 
flushed left and fell in woodland a good 120 yards away. 
These birds proved quite challenging and, with the gallery walking on plough 
in between the line and the wood, some interesing work was seen.

A few dogs were lost along the way and, after a "Judges Huddle", we 
went back in to the main wood for another short walk-up to finish 
the Third Round.

The final drive, with nine dogs left, saw us back where we started only this 
time, the Judges sat the dogs well behind the line looking down on the guns.

Our Game Markers rose to the challenge here providing the Judges 
(after some dry runs) with accurate marks to enable them to finish the Trial.


Photo - Guy.
Peter Goddard (above) with Carltonstar Toby. 
This win made Toby up to Field Trial Champion which, 
as you can imagine, made Peter very Happy!

Peter was awarded the Flaxfire Trophy, presented by Colin Walker and the
Klato Trophy presented by David Clayton. 

Peter was also presented with a Game Bag, dog lead and Hip Flask
generously donated by The BASC and orchestrated by Matt Dutton.

2nd Peter Abbs with Scarningvale Wexford.
The Derrity Trophy, donated to The Dove Valley by Charlotte Smith,
was presented to Peter by Shoot Captain, Roddy Nash.

3rd Mark Demaine with Leacaz Ricky of Caytonfell.
Mark was presented with The Delfleet Pepper Trophy donated
by Jane Jacombs for The Best Yellow Labrador
Orrin Ingram's Ragweeds Aston of Fendawood handled by Dave Latham. 

Dawn Scott (below) handling Diglake Jasmin, was awarded a 
Certificate of Merit and The Gun's Choice Trophy donated by Kerrie Morton.

Certificates of Merit were also awarded to Clare Baker 
with Windoogpack Coral. 
Richard Hink's Castlemans Gobi of Garronpoint handled by Annette Clarke.
Muggleswick Samba handled by Gary McCarthy.
Pigeonman Alize handled by Gary Wilson.

Peter Abbs, Mark Demaine, Dave Latham and Dawn Scott were 
also presented with a dog lead and Hip Flask.

 Guns -  John Glover, Jed Booth, Chris Cadman, 
Steve Mear, Richard Miller,Pete Bancroft 
and (not pictured as he could only be with us on Thursday) Adam Cork.

We are hugeley grateful to our Guns for their support and patience over the 2 days.

Headkeeper and Steward of the Beat, Clive Heaven with James Barnes
and Vanessa King, two of our keen helpers.

With the help of a Shoot Captain and Headkeeper who are as keen as us,
we had had a fabulous 2 Days Trialling and we would like to thank everyone involved for helping us provide our members with a worthwhile event.

Long may it continue.

 110th Field Trial Meeting. Thursday, October 20th.

Sponsored by Salters Pet Nutrition and BASC.

16 Dog Open English Springer Spaniel Trial 
held at The Stretton Shoot, South Derbyshire,
by very kind permission of Alan Bown.  
Steward of the Beat, Paul Bown.

Words and Photos - Barry Dutton.

Judges -  Alex Badger and Jeremy Organ

Guns - Neil Swinn, Lee Gardiner, Garry Ellis and Steve Crookes.

After a warm welcome from Spaniel FT Secretary, Donna Kilford, 
the Trial began in woodland and progressed  to a thick hedge. 
Jeremy Organ was delighted to see hedgerow work and praised dogs and handlers for their hard work in todays drives adding that they saw some excellent hunting and controlled flushing within the hedge.
After a long discussion the judges called in two dogs for
a final run off. After another long discussion the judges then came to their
final decision and announced the following awards.
First place was awraded to Lee Cooper with his 4 year old dog BISHWELL BLACK MAGIC OF BRECKMARSH. Lee was presented with 
the Westray trophy donated by Mr J Duke. Lee also won a Game Bag,
a Hip Flask and a Dog lead which was generously donated by B.A.S.C.
and also a bag of dog food kindly donated by Salters Pet Nutrition.
Lee was also awarded the Gavoise Trophy donated by Mr G D Evans for 
the best hunting spaniel. 
Second place was awarded to Ian Flint with DUNBRIGG RITCHIE
who also received a bag of Salters Dog Food and a Hip Flask and dog lead. Third place was awarded to Jim Dransfield with BUCCLEUCH HAMISH
again winning a bag of Salters Dog food, Hip Flask and dog lead. 
Fourth place was awarded to Mike Hoskins with EDWARDIANA MINSTRAL
OF HALWIN RYSTON who was awarded a bag of Salters Dog foord, 
a Hip flask and a dog lead. Guns Choice went to David Horsman with MARSHWOOD RUVA also receiveing Salters Dog Food, Hip flask
and dog lead. This partnership also took a C.O.M.

 Other C.O.M's were awarded to Alice Wise with SLIABH PEGGY OF GREENBUSH, Ken Hiley with RHEASTMOOR PEPPA, Roy Proctor with HELMSWAY HALLIE AT HIGHCREST, Andrew Gray with SUGAR BULLET CHLOES DREAM and finally to Gary Veasey with WOODROTH RAVEN. 
Our thanks go to our main Sponsors, Salters Pet Nutrition and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. 

Despite several requests from our photographer, the only handlers 
who stayed for a photo are pictured above.

It was also nice today to have in our company Margie and Paul Littlejohn
from Australia. Paul is a Championship Judge in Australia and he
and Margie are on a whistle stop tour of some trials in this country. 
Finally, many thanks to
Team Dove Valley helpers and Stewards. 
Fabulous effort as usual.

109th Field Trial Meeting. Tuesday, October 11th.

Sponsored by Salters Pet Nutrition.

Novice 18 Dog A/V Spaniel Trial held at Foremark, Derbyshire. 
Photos - Barry Dutton.

This trial was held by kind permission of Mr Phil Bishop and 
Mr Peter Booth to whom we are very grateful. 
It was a collection of firsts today as it was Peter Booth's first trial 
at Foremark as Steward of the beat. It was also the first Trial for 
newly elected Spaniel Field Trial Secretary Donna Kilford who 
did a fantastic job and first Trial for N.P. Judge Natalie Cannon
who was ably assisted by A Panel Judge Rob Aldenton. 

Guns for the day were Pete Bancroft, Richard Miller, 
Andy Eyley and Steve Mear. 

With the sun in front of us the day began with a beat through seed cover 
which then led onto a wood with thick bramble cover. 
The third beat took us into a small Leylandii plantation with 
a final beat through a thick cover crop.
The Judges then had a long discussion and finally called 
an end to the proceedings and back to base.

1st Place Dave Templar (below) handling his 3yr old ESS bitch 
SLIABH AINE OF CANTEEL receiving the Elizabeth Bedford Trophy.


2nd Place went to Jamie Smith (below) with his Black Cocker Spaniel Bitch ABIANN FLAWLESS recieving the Melissa Stubbs Trophy. 
This partnership stunned the gallery with a 100+ yard retrieve on an 
unseen Cock Pheasant runner which went into thick woodland
bringing it back to hand with style. 

3rd Place went to Andrea Perrett with her ESS dog 
Andrea was also awarded Guns Choice. 

A Certificate of Merit was awarded to Simon Grace with 
his ESS bitch ECARG HYDRA. 

The prize winners were also presented with a bag of Salters Dog Food.

 Once again many thanks to the Dove Valley Team of helpers for
putting on a first class trial.

Rob Aldenton, Andrea Perrett, Jamie Smith, Dave Templar, Simon Grace and Natalie Cannon.

Guns -  Richard Miller, Steve Mear, Andy Eyley and Pete Bancroft

Steward of the Beat - Peter Booth, Spaniel FT Sec. Donna Kilford,
Judges - Rob Aldenton and Natalie Cannon.

The 108th Field Trial Meeting.  
Monday, September 12th.
16 Dog Novice A/V Retriever Stake,
 Catton Park, by kind permission of
Mr and Mrs R Neilson.

Judges - Godfrey Lowe, Ricky Moloney, Clare Baker and Malcolm Smith.
Steward of The Beat, Mick Walton.

Neil Appleton with Inceley Danny of Applebriar.
Photo - Barry Dutton.

 Early Season Partridge Trials can be a challenge for the most experienced 
of handlers and dogs, but when young dogs in their first season are put 
under these conditions, the wheels can soon come off!

Whilst some dogs coped quite well it was clear that others needed 
more experience and polish if they were to progress. 
The first drive saw our Guns dealing very efficiently with good birds
which fell on grassland. Our Team of Markers made sure the Judges knew exactly where the birds were and varying degrees of work were seen.

With over half the card gone, the second drive saw birds falling on stubble.
Again, dogs struggled and within a short time, and with very thoughtful 
Judging, the Trial was declared over with only one dog left standing.

It was pleasing to see almost everyone present at the presentation which 
saw Neil Appleton handling Inceley Danny of Applebriar awarded 
First place along with The Staftly Trophy in memory of Pat Taft 
and The Darleigh Trophy presented by Tom and Cindy Keeley. 

Guns choice was awarded to Nathan Laffy with Isleofman Dasha.

Thanks to our Guns, Pete Bancroft, Adam Cork, Vernon Lathwell, Steve Redfern, Chris Cadman, Andy Eyley and Mick Lunn.
Thanks also, as usual, to our loyal band of helpers who are always
keen to help make our Trials a success.

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